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Important Information for August 2015!!!

Sin Barreras has been receiving numerous telephone calls regarding a rumor that the state of Virginia will begin issuing drivers licenses to all Virginia citizens.  This rumor is FALSE.  We have no knowledge that the Virginia legislature is considering such an idea. The Mexican Consulate will be returning to Charlottesville to renew passports and matriculas consulares from September […]


Important info about DACA from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Fact Sheet July 15, 2015 Important Information for Some DACA Recipients Who Received Three-Year* Work Authorization WASHINGTON—If you are a DACA recipient who received a three-year Employment Authorization Document (EAD) after February 16, 2015, it was likely mistakenly issued and must be returned. Approximately 2,100 DACA recipients were issued three-year Employment Authorization Documents, rather than […]

The U.S. Department of State has announced a special refugee/parole program for minors in El Salvador, Guatemala & Honduras with parents who are lawfully present in the U.S.

  Information about this program can be found on the State Department’s web site.  Access to this program must be initiated by the Qualifying Parent through an existing refugee resettlement agency such as the International Rescue Committee in Charlottesville (IRC).  There is no charge for this service.  Anyone who wishes to initiate the process of filing a […]


Get involved! Volunteer!

Volunteer Position Sin Barreras/ Without Barriers is looking for a bilingual (Spanish/English) volunteer to help staff the office on weekdays.  Times are open to negotiation right now, but we would like 4 hours on a consistent weekday.  The primary task is connecting people to resources in the community, and computer skills are necessary to access […]

Don’t Let Your Work Permit Expire; Follow These DACA Renewal Tips

  Don’t Let Your Work Permit Expire; Follow These DACA Renewal Tips 06/15/2015 Some people wait too long to request DACA renewal or do not correctly submit all the required forms and fees. As a result, their Employment Authorization Documents may expire before USCIS can finish processing their requests for DACA renewal. You can lessen the […]


Twenty-six local organizations and health service providers participated in the third annual Sin Barreras Help Fair

Twenty-six local organizations and health service providers participated in the third annual Sin Barreras Help Fair, held at the Church of the Incarnation on May 17. The focus of the fair is on educating and assisting the Charlottesville area Latino community concerning many areas, including health, education, business, family, counseling, finance, and other community services. […]

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Ventanilla de Salud visited Charlottesville

On Thursday March 12, the Ventanilla de Salud visited Charlottesville, VA along with the Mexican Consulate. Thanks to our collaboration with Sin Barrerras, the Ventanilla de Salud was able to have access to the Latino community in Charlottesville, VA to promote preventive health. As a mission, the Ventanilla de Salud helps to link the Latino […]

We are expanding our outreach!!

Sin Barreras made introductory presentations to three church groups recently: to Iglesia RevolZION, to Iglesia Canaan, and to Restoration Cornerstone Church. These presentations were part of Sin Barrera’s expanded outreach to the Hispanic and Charlottesville community. We are hopeful these contacts will continue and grow into full interaction with these and other church groups interested in Sin Barreras activities. On […]